RIMM or not to RIMM

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    RIMM or not to RIMM ?????
  2. Anyone have a chart of subscriber growth? Or know where to get one?

    Since fundamental metrics are out the window (P/E ttm 76, P/S = 15), it would be nice to see sub growth and the estimates for the future, since that's all the analysts are harping about with the deluge of upgrades lately.
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    Yes agreed the Metrics are off the map on this one -
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    Ok, so here's some numbers. Subscriber growth actually doesn't look too bad and the growth curve implies the estimates are pretty reasonable. Considering how smooth that curve is, I doubt they would disappoint here. Whether or not the P/E looks lofty, they can easily spin good subscriber growth numbers. Might not be such a good idea to short here. Perhaps if overall market tanks over broad earnings disappointments, Price will drop a bit more down to earth -- BUT -- if Qs take off and rimm doesn't disappoint, there's no reason to see why they won't keep leading IMHO. And it looks like Qs have clearly been the index to lead if there is a sustainable breakout rally on the way.

    Plenty of short fuel (remember AMZN?).

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  5. How much of the China projected sales are already in the price?
  6. Man the question is RIMM buy or sell or sidestep...

    I think, if earnings are over 55 c hold on...

    100 may be short term top, if earnings are 50 c or less like 49.5 cents.

    markets are fickle and cruel...
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    These extremely high Beta Stocks are difficult to predict
  8. Days runup looks like a colossal fake out. Would think if earnings were going to be stellar (or at least perceived as such), they would tank into close to suck in more shorts. Maybe I'm using to too much reverse psychology, but the run up portends the opposite camp is getting pulled in.

    Oh well, no position either way. But it's definitely going to be interesting.

    Any predictions before the fact?
  9. I'm not playing it but if I was I would buy puts and be a contarian. Last quarter was off the charts great. Can they match it? I bet not but we'll see in 5 minutes.
  10. Anyone saw that 98 something trade at 4:03pm ET?
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