RIMM lowers guidence

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  1. Research In Motion lowers Q309 revenue and EPS guidance (37.32 ) : Co issues downside guidance for Q3 (Nov), sees EPS of $0.81-0.83, excluding non-recurring items, vs. $0.91 First Call consensus; sees Q3 (Nov) revs of $2.75-2.78 bln vs. $2.96 bln consensus. Preliminary revenue is lower than the previously forecasted revenue range of $2.95-$3.10 bln.

    AAPL will be hit hard on this news.
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    Sell the rumor, buy the news?
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    Just an edit. I suspected something was up with this stock over the past few days based on how it was trading relative to aapl and nq.
  4. RIMM has already fallen over 100 dollars because the insiders already knew this months ago. And now the newbies want to start shorting? Look for the professionals to start covering.

    RIMM will be very choppy and will most likely move up.
  5. So you think it's a long term buy from here??
  6. RIMM is not a long term buy. But for today at least, I would think about being long. RIMM still has room to go down more if you want to establish a short at a higher level. I think their new products are crap and the increased competition is going to put pressure on their revenue prospects.
  7. Earnings are still huge. The warnings was priced in which is why the stock is off so much.