RIMM - long, short, or sidelines

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    Just curious what you guys think about RIMM. It's had quite a run-up and is reporting earnings Oct 4th.
  2. I think you missed the bus if you want to be long. Eventually people are going to take profits.

    A few different trend following systems I coded have been long since $26.50 post split in August, 2006. I'd say they have significant wiggle room versus a more recent entry, which is much more riskier in the longer term. However If you sit at the screen all day, this might be your best stock to trade, if you could handle the daily volatility.

    Shorting a $100 stock thats volatile like that is very expensive if you have to hedge. $90.00 puts are $7.30.

    I'd wait til there was a more decisive break in the trend for the short side entry to play out.
  3. long still

    100 easily


    but I like ewz as well

    So many good stocks
  4. The trend on this stock is clearly up. It would be sheer stupidity to go against the trend and short this stock.
  5. I have been riding Rimm, Bidu China stocks UP and the housing stocks DHI, SPF, CFC, HOV, etc DOWN.

    I hold no positions EVER going into earnings on any stock, especially stocks of this nature. I generally end trading positions 1-2 weeks prior to earnings being reported on a Co. and wait and watch for the trend to continue or reverse or trade sideways.
    Then I may re-enter or move on.
    Use well positioned protective stops.
  6. the trend is your friend & mine,:D
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    I am long RIMM today for a short swing. I like it for a run into earnings since they blew out huge last quarter and I also think its a good candidate for a window dressing stock. Looking for 100 area by the end of the week.

    We'll see how it plays out. :)
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    we don't care about owning rimm at these rich valuations

    we traders want to make money NOW --TOMMORROW -- not to own stock and wait for tommorrow that may never come.

  9. the premarket is ramping
  10. 100 now

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