RIMM just plummeted when they showed the new phone

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  1. Right when they showed the public the BB10 with keyboard.

    The stock took a tumble from its highs. Big high volume ticks.

    the BB Q10: the first BB10 smartphone with a physical keyboard! (hesitant applause)
    by Casey 10:30
  2. Wow going down now red on big volume ticks.

    Funny thing is when the girl at 10:30 posted this in the live transcript, the stock at the exact time of 10:30 started a rapid plunge from the highs and now into red.

    he BB Q10: the first BB10 smartphone with a physical keyboard! (hesitant applause)
    by Casey 10:30
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    Rimm's all about a takeout.

    I don't understand why this hasn't happend. It's only 6 billion dollars. Amazon, Microsoft, a dozen computer manufacturers are scrambling to make their own shitty devices when there's a company that has an installed user base and has some real technology.

    Maybe I'm missing something. Maybe management is determined to take teh company down the toilet. I would have to imagine every investment banker has approached every client about buying RIMM.
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    Wasn't it obvious? I am still giggling of the joke someone said that RIMM will go to $30. Better joke is that BB10 is an iPhone killer.
  5. Calls are taking a hard hit, between IV crush and dissapointment big plunge in prices.

    Volume is fast and the tape is moving pretty quick. Slight bounce (short covering?)

    choppy prints, some times a spread opens up looks like a mess :D
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    Pretty much a normal reaction and a money making opportunity. APPL, MSFT, etc experience similiar reactions on announcement days. A good research topic to make money.
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    Instead of RIM I played APPL. I sold puts during the stupid press conference and am now taking profits. There is nothing here about logic beyond making money. My experience is never waste time analyzing announcements, make a play on history. If you are wrong, cut your losses, if right take the money. Whether Steve Jobs, or whoever the basic history of this stuff is evident and if you want to trade it spend time researching it.
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  9. The stuff they showed about the phone during the first part of the show would've dazzled people like 5-6 years when touch screens were first coming out. There was nothing new that's not already out by other phone manufacturers.

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  10. Won't be taken out at a 6B mcap, that's the only issue. What's the IP worth? PTT is dying; only construction and engineering uses PTT. BB's push email is nice and secure, but even telco employees are favoring iPhones and Android in the field.

    AMZN buys them and they're stuck with the same problem. A platform from 2004.

    And nobody wants a physical keyboard (unless you're chatting on xbox).
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