RIMM is up on news

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  1. 2ez


    Just a reconfirmation of its revenue and earnings....yet the stock is up

    RIM boosts subscriber outlook, confirms EPS
    Thu Feb 21, 2008 7:11am EST

    TORONTO (Reuters) - Research In Motion (RIM.TO: Quote, Profile, Research) (RIMM.O: Quote, Profile, Research) boosted its fourth-quarter subscriber outlook and reconfirmed its revenue and earnings outlook on Thursday, fueled by momentum from its BlackBerry smart phones.

    The company expects net subscriber account additions for the fourth quarter to be approximately 15 percent to 20 higher than the 1.82 million net subscriber account additions forecasted in December.

    Total BlackBerry subscriber account base is expected to be approximately 14 million at the end of the quarter.

    "BlackBerry smart phones proved to be a big hit throughout the holiday selling season and we're pleased to see RIM's business momentum continuing in the new year," Jim Balsillie, co-chief executive said in a release.

    "The seasonal slowdown in net subscriber account additions that we expected in the new year did not occur and our focused execution with partners has continued to produce strong results within both enterprise and consumer segments."

    The company also said its fourth-quarter revenue is still expected to be in the range of $1.80 billion to $1.87 billion, with earnings per share in the range of 66 cents to 70 cents.

    Analysts were expecting an average of 69 cents a share and revenue of $1.85 billion, according to Reuters Estimates.

    RIM is scheduled to report its results on April 2.

  2. It was up 6% on 20k shares @ 5:30 am cst. AMAZING!
  3. 2ez


    I'm seeing close to 1mil shares and up 8% @805am est
  4. 2ez


    2.5mil shares traded and up to 109 pre-market.

    May not be amazing to some....but telling to me. someone is finding the news interesting.
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    the stock was tellling us all day yesterday something was coming....it is up nicely...on the other hand aapl has been weak...peace
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    Can you help me understand something here. Earnings is early April. Why would RIMM announce this now ? is this part of the process when you are a public company ? I have held this company for years and even trade a little in and out for a few extra dollars. But I am trying to understand why announce this now ? . RIMM has faired much better then some of the other high flyers like GOOG and AAPL in the recent downturn, so no need for a little quick fix.
  7. On its last earnings call, the CEO said the guidance contained a "wildcard" which was consumer demand. In the past, RIMM sold mainly to business customers, so its first real penetration into the consumer market might expose it to seasonality (a downturn after a strong holiday season). With that in mind, along with overall negative market sentiment, RIMM sold off nearly 35% from its post-earnings peak.
    Given the extreme selloff, management apparently thought it appropriate to update its guidance, mainly adressing the concern it raised on the call (which turns out, was not a concern).

    However, since they didn't adjust their EPS or Revs upward despite the sub increase has kept the stock from rocketing even higher, as margins may have been compromised.

    Hope this helps.
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    Very helpful and thanks. seemed a little suspect initially, but then again, we are not talking penny stocks here.
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    RIMM traded well today .. suprisingly made money :)
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    RIMM was traded around $81 just a few weeks ago. It did not see $100 for a while. Management is just trying to pump up the stock. People will see through it eventually.
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