RIMM has a PE of 15!

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  1. Amazing. AAPL has a PE of just 19.
  2. And empire resources has a PE of 7.81 and it has done NOTHING for over 2 years. I am attaching a very instructive chart for those who believe in quick rallies(like DOW 14000 soon crap).
  3. Um yea but that company has zero growth and was a P&D stock anyway as shown by the blowoff chart.
  4. Everything will be "fairly" valued when P/E's AND dividend yields are approximately equal....in the mid-single digits. We'll see. :cool:
  5. 70 easily
  6. RIMM is a one product company, squeezed by apple from one side (Iphone), google (Android) from the other, and Microsoft (WM) and palm adding to the punches. Add to that a disastrous economy, even worse among the high margin services industry where they get most of their sales.
    They're toast.
    short the stock, it's going to ZERO.
  7. $180 easily. RIMM will go to $900 by 2010.

    You, me, and the Lord. We're going to heaven soon only by buying RIMM.

  8. And Hannah Montana is 15 years old! What a coincidence!

    P/E's are for idiots!
  9. Rimm is one of many stocks stock_trader3 bought at the top and has lost 60% + on.
  10. People have to be f'ing naive to believe in P/E ratios. I am looking at a chart of DRYS and bigcharts.com says it has a 0.70! ratio at the moment(it also has a 5.65% yield). Clearly the market did not give a damn about P/Es on the way down. Why should it start now(or ever)?
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