RIMM Enters China Market w/Blackberry:

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by capmac, Jul 5, 2007.

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    Research In Motion wins permission to sell in China: Paper - Reuters (207.94 ) : Reuters reports Research In Motion (RIMM) has won permission to sell its BlackBerry device in China after eight years of effort, the Globe and Mail newspaper said on Wednesday. After several delays, the co won approval last month from the Chinese Ministry of Information Industry to sell its handsets, the newspaper said. RIMM expects to start selling its 8700g handset in Chinese shops at the end of next month, a manager in RIM's Beijing office is quoted in the story as saying. The manager said the co has received nearly 5,000 advance orders for the device, mainly from corporate customers, and notably foreign multinationals with offices in China. The report also said RIM is considering a plan to manufacture devices in China.
  2. RIMM is unstoppable. I guess it will hit 300 in no time. Then come a 3/1 split, which most likely will drive the price higher.
  3. long since low 100's


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