RIMM Earnings

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by Wiseowltx, Dec 20, 2007.

  1. RIMMS earnings are great, but, I have a feeling that theory of big numbers will catch up on this stock also....

    It reached a high of 120 in the after market trading. Would it close at that level Friday or during the first week of January...

    Some feedback please...
  2. My educated guess is that it closes between $125.00 and $130.00 on Friday.
  3. Retired


    AAPL is about 7 points from its 52 week high of 196.

    The 52 week high for RIMM is 137. It should be close to 130 tomorrow.
  4. S2007S


    I think RIMM may gap up higher and then start to settle back down between 112-115 area.
  5. At 7.15 EST, the RIMM premarket price is around 120 +/- 1.

    AS there are a few stocks that look good fundamentally as well as with high volatility, I think, it could close out the year north of 130...

    Wiseowltx :cool:
  6. Analysts are targeting $150-$180.
  7. Option strike prices will be listed up to $500/share.
  8. suprised as hell rimm up to be honest. truth is rimm was basically in line . there guidance was a only a few pennies above. usually high flyers worth $60 billion have to kill to be up. expecially how the market hasn't been super bullish lately