RIMM earnings tomorrow!!!

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    I think RIMM is in the most competitive market it has ever been in. A few years ago they were on top, now they have to compete with the likes of the Iphone and Droids of today. Not only is apple selling millions of phones but the new droids are taking over as well. RIMM is losing major, major, major market share to the android based phones as well as the iphone and I think this will show in tomorrows report, I think they are going to miss tomorrow. RIMM headed to new 52 week lows, wouldnt surprise me to see RIMM trading under $50 by Friday.

    Anyone here bullish on this stock ahead of earnings?
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    I think rim will top analysts expectations. It's true that the smart phone market is extremely competitive, but at the same time the worldwide demand for smart phones' is huge and getting bigger.
    Apple has a good product, so does motorola, so does rim. I think there is room for all three companies to sell more and more smart phones year after year for the next while.
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    9 out of 10 people I run into have the Blackberry. But when they see my iPhone, you can tell they're curious/jealous about some of the features. Blackberry mainly appeals to business users. With slow economy, I don't think there is much room for growth there. If aapl can start eating into the business side, RIM could be another Mortorola in few years.

    I'll be paying less attention to the numbers and more to the comments going forward.
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    And what do you know, RIMM down AH just as expected, stock is headed to 52 week lows.
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    RIMM just continues to sell off, sub $50 levels coming soon.

    RIMM is losing to MAJOR competition. They did add over 4 million customers which in my opinion was pretty good, analysts expected more, this number is going to continue to drop off slowly over the next quarters coming up.
  6. I keep telling people I have a PC & a BlackBerry, and I keep challenging them to tell me what Apple has that I don't have. No one can step up to the challenge.
  7. The Mac has NOTHING on the PC, but the other stuff may have edges

    If apple only had the mac, it would be a feeble enterprise.
  8. i hear jobs told them to eat cake today.

    reception problems? just stand on your head, clap your feet, and buy more aapl stock. "stevie"
  9. Some knowlegable member here comment on this: not just for this quarterly report, but before the last report in March 2010 there began the media assult on RIMM. Especially on CNBC.....reiterating over and over and over that the iphone will soon put RIMM outta business. Did the growth in numbers over these past two quarters support that hypothesis???? Will RIMM gradually introduce services on their phones that AAPL is alledgedly beating them on? I think this is just all about a buy AAPL short RIMM trade going on just like we saw in the currencies recently, that will resolve in the near future.

    Also, anyone have any ideas about what these 'pleasant surprises' in the next couple weeks are that the CEO talked about several times during the conference call but said he couldn't tell us about YET ?
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    It's a competitive world, if you can't keep up you get eaten alive.

    When your on top, you get lazy and the under dogs will eventually take you down.

    I owned a blackberry for a few months, got rid of it quickly.
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