RIMM - earnings this Thursday - Dec 16

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  1. RIMM - earnings this Thursday - Dec 16

    My educated guess is that they rally 10%+ after earnings. Lots of negative publicity about RIMM losing their grip on the smart phone market, so shorting is out of the question.

    Options expire after earnings so you can by cheap December Calls on Dec 16 and sell them on the 17th. Easy 4 banger on the one strike OTM calls, I have the 62.50 and 65.00 calls in mind.
  2. GG1972


    62.50 puts bought here today -we ll see _thats what makes markets, RImm is not as hot as it was year ago-product dev lacgging-but they got a great ceo to pump conference call we ll see.
  3. marceck


    sell vol, you fool, don't buy it.
  4. marceck


    buying calls the day before earnings is not a long term successful strategy.
  5. marceck


    That's NOT the point. Call premium ahead of earnings is such that playing that game is not profitable in the long run as premium evaporates the morning after, unless you get a huge move, not a good percentage bet. If you are bullish on RIMM, then sell puts. Again, SELL vol, don't buy it.
  6. But you don't get the home runs by selling.
  7. GG1972


    Covered half RIMM puts _ didnt expect it to fall $3 in just over 2 days-free trade now whatever it does tommorow AH is a bonus for fridays OPEX
  8. S2007S


    RIMM has lost a LOT of market share from the likes of the iphone and android, I dont know many people who actually use rimm products. Rimm has a lot of catching up to do, the stock has rallied pretty hard over the last 2-3 months I believe based on their new tablet. The last 2-3 quarters Rimm hasn't showed much and I think the same will be said for this quarter. Many are leaving blackberry for other smartphones, be careful trading this one into thursday night. A negative earnings result and 50 or less will be there quick for its shares.