RIMM - Earnings Play

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  1. This stock might move 15% either side on earnings.. Believe this might be possitive move this time.. If it finishes around 110 tommorow (Apr 2). We should be seeing it around 125 and retest its 52week high. If they announce black berry and china forecast..

    Again it depends on the markets sentiment .. Any other thoughts?
  2. What if guidance is negative?
  3. Short-sell the 110/115 strangle?:eek:
  4. Who has the Mr. Beeks report on RIMM before earnings?

    I'm afraid of this stock.
  5. gobar


    what do u thinks guyz..

    i already bought a put... should i buy call..

    if RIMM misses earning stock goes to 95 to 100 in no time but if they beat then stock goes to 130 or so which not good.
  6. I am on the beat and lower guidance side.
  7. sell the news
  8. gobar


    too risky.. sold puts for little profit and i know i will regret :p
  9. i straddled it. we'll see what happens.
  10. 15 minutes :D
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