RIMM earnings after the bell!!

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by S2007S, Jun 28, 2007.

  1. S2007S


    Big night tonight.
  2. l2tradr


    Long or short at EOD?
  3. Seems like a nice straddle play.

    Never underestimate rimm. Although, one of these days...
  4. S2007S


    Have no position in RIMM, blowout quarter and 185+ is possible. Anything bad and back below 150 it goes. Stock is too volatile for me.
  5. just bought RIMM
  6. S2007S


    What price?

    Bought some QLD instead at 94.60.
  7. 164.86
  8. short that pig...lol

    I didn't take action on that or palm.
  9. 3 for 1 split... haven't seen that in a while.
    Street likes it.
  10. going to ride this stock for a while before selling
    #10     Jun 28, 2007