RIMM down, down, up, down, up, down

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    this thing is trading all over the place. dropped over 9 bucks than rallied back to 135, than back down to 130 now back to 135.
  2. I have never seen so many 100 lot trades in my life, total manipulation by market makers. Tap Tap Tap with these 100 lots.
  3. It just seems like the rug could be pulled at any moment
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    falling off its highs right now. Did set a new 52 week high in the process though.

    Selling off at the moment
  5. Watch the NDX futures
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    Delayed Quotes Updated 12/21/06 03:40 PM
    Contract Last Change
    CME E-mini S&P 500® 1430.25 +50
    CME E-mini NASDAQ-100® 1787.00 +175
  7. There are no market makers in after hours trading.
  8. loser-trader meme 101 : "manipulation"

    RIMM was *sick*

    i thought NATURAL GAS was volatile!! wow. RIMM

    down to 124 in a heartbeat, then a quick ramp over 140

  9. guess its all new traders in here. welcome to our wall st.

    Rimm was nothing. Not even close to insane.

    You aint seen insane and you don't want to.
  10. whatever doood.

    yer right. i wasn't here in the 90's
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