Rimm Death Watch.

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  1. Looks like RIMM will be a pink sheet stock in 5 years or bought for pennies just like PALM by HP (Only to be thrown out as trash later)

    RIMM has Two CEOs that means no decisions get made that make sense.

    RIMM market is shrinking.

    RIMM technology is Obsolete since the new phones are capable of what blackberrys can do and more.
  2. Rimm "death watch" is a little late here dont you think!
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    I just got the new bold, its ok, nothing amazing. They do keep posting these amazing growth numbers, are they lying or is this mispriced? Surely you can't have both of those being true.
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    Although the stock has gone from over $70 to below $14 in less than 10 months, if the company is going to go bankrupt, then there is still plenty of opportunity to sell and/or short it at current prices.

    I have no position in RIMM, but I am interested in it as a potential short opportunity. I am not concerned that I "coulda shoulda" shorted it on Thursday above $15 or in February above $70.

    The main reason why companies go bankrupt is that they are unable to service their debt. From my initial look at the company, I don't see this being a problem. Their problem is mainly declining smartphone market share, which had led to lower revenue and lower profit.

    Is it possible that RIMM continues as a solvent company for many years to come, but just at a much lower level of revenue and profit than 2010?

    Or am I missing something about its ongoing decline?
  5. Uh...a PE multiple of 5 ?
    For a tech stock ?
    Something is wrong here.
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    it's definitely pricing in lower profits in 2012 (and beyond), but I think the company could continue as a viable ongoing concern for years and decades to come.
  7. RIMM = PALM
  8. Thanks for that idea: RIMM will be purchased.
    By whom I wonder ?
  9. and at what price. i suspect much lower.
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    u guyz r forgetting abt RIMM owns tons of patent which are worth billions + in corporate world they still control 70 % of market.

    they are generating steady cash flow...

    plus in international market they r 2nd to nokia..

    may be another 6 month stock stays flat or goes down will avg it down ... planning to take some position... bounce to $20 is possible... RIMM is not going anywhere for 5 years...
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