RIMM & AAPL. Short one, long the other.

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  1. Bought AAPL @ 536.848. Shorted RIMM @ 11.99. Both afterhours.

    My reasoning:

    1.) BB10 is a smartclone
    2.) App stores are the deciding factor. BB10 irrelevant in 2010. Don't even kid yourself with 2013.
    3.) Windows phone got its ass kicked. BB10 will get its ass kicked harder.
    4.) RIMM has only washed up talent. Rejects creating a solid selling product? I don't think so.
    5.) Anybody that needs a phone has a phone.
    6.) In the past there was a void in business phones. Old BB's did ok. That void has since been filled by tech giants. BB10 needs to sell themselves as a business-ier smartphone. With cruddy app and dev support, highly unlikely after the initial confusion-buy.
    7.) Will I buy one? No, I just bought 2.
    8.) Will you buy one? No, you already have an iphone or an android.
    9.) Only diehard fans will buy this. As if their original market wasn't small enough already.
    10.) Check out their recent lawsuit:

    12-11-2012 UPDATE 1-Wi-LAN sues RIM for Bluetooth patent infringement
    (Adds details, background)
    Dec 11 (Reuters) - Patent licensing company Wi-LAN Inc
    <WIN.TO> said on Tuesday it has filed a lawsuit against
    BlackBerry maker Research In Motion Ltd <RIM.TO> <RIMM.O> for
    infringing on a patent that relates to Bluetooth technology.
    The company said it filed in the U.S. District Court for the
    Southern District of Florida against the BlackBerry maker.
    Wi-LAN, which has licensed its intellectual property to more
    than 255 companies worldwide, alleged that RIM infringed its
    U.S. Patent No. 6,260,168 related to Bluetooth technologies.
    Wi-LAN has launched a string of patent lawsuits, including
    one last week against Apple Inc <AAPL.O>, HTC Corp <2498.TW> and
    Sierra Wireless Inc's <SW.TO> U.S. unit over LTE mobile
    In its filing, Wi-LAN alleges that RIM's PlayBook tablet and
    a wide range of its smartphones, including the Bold, Torch,
    Pearl and Storm utilize technology that infringes on its patent.
    A spokeswoman for RIM was not immediately able to comment.
    Wi-LAN is seeking an unspecified amount in damages and
    preliminary and permanent injunctions to block RIM from
    infringing its patent.

    All in all, the launch of the BB10 is a good time for existing BB owners to migrate to either an iphone or an android. Or suffer from more 2005-itis.
  2. Your wrong
  3. lwlee


    This would have been a good play 2 years ago
  4. It was a good 10c early dip while it lasted. Many people fell for it, me included. I've converted and now trade up with the rimmbulls. I still have zero faith in the company itself.

    I am prepared to dump the heck out of it after Jan 30. Tight stops for sure. And if BB10 somehow does takes off, good them and good for me. :D
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    Nah...RIMM is still a short just not right now...too many ppl on this trade. I wouldn't touch APPL with a 10 foot stick.