Rimm $ 80

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  1. This is still my target:$ 80.
  2. i thnik it gets there. at least 85.
  3. S2007S


    I see RIMM dropping to those levels as well, stock is a bit overvalued.

    Also looking at tech plays,

    IF AAPL doesnt present anything great at the CES I think shares could easily fall to 150 again.
  4. Long RIMM 101.54
  5. 2ez


    Looking to get in around $95 - $96.

    If not today....should be there by tomorrow.

    Looking at BRCD too.
  6. Any partcular reason? The chart looks awful.
  7. I don't know if awful is the right word. CFC looks awful. RIMM looks like it's in the middle of a bull run. (Weekly, of course).

    97 is a very likely looking entry for a pop.
  8. 2ez


    Charts never look awful IMO :D

    Only my Mother-in-law.
  9. Maybe the action today is general tech malaise + an overreaction to the huge gap on the 21st. This stock is above average in terms of specialist and insider manipulation but there's no fundamental problem except a possible recession.

    Daily chart from early November to yesterday looks like a consolidation that's broken out on the downside, but hey - TA is so unreliable these days; so many things morph into something contrary.

    Great stock if you have a feel for it. Turns on a dime. 97 has to be a good gamble if the Nasdaq's OK.

    Just MO. Good trading.
  10. $ 80 here we go.
    #10     Jan 8, 2008