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  1. Perdictions on where RIM will be in the next week or two. Is the stock over reacting on these results? Is this the start of an up trend to its new software release, or are we going to see new lows? Comments appreciated!
  2. lwlee


    RIMM is done. Frighteningly how quickly that happened. Android/iPhone have taken over. Even though iPhone won't come out with a keyboard, Android phones could do it. I would short any momentum this recent surge has.
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    You asking questions that are nearly impossible to answer.

    Fundamentally, RIMM should go to 0, but how valuable are fundamentals in this business?
  4. Daring,

    Hense "Perdictions" , no one can see the future. Just thought it would be a interesting topic to discuss.
  5. there's somewhat of a floor to this stock given it has around 2.3B in cash (and the company actually adding about $100mm last q when the analysts were expecting a drain) and the fact that that the rimm franchise still have some value.

    disclaimer: i currently own a blackberry but will be getting an iphone when i'm eligible for an upgrade.