RIM settles !!!

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by taodr, Mar 3, 2006.

  1. taodr


    Canadian news is reporting RIM has settled for $612 mill. Should be interesting on Monday.
  2. Peppy


    Did they halt trading? My screen showing last price of 0.00.
  3. They halted RIMM before the news....it reopens at 5:45 EST.

    BTW---They also cut guidance by a pretty fair amount.
  4. rimm resumes trading; up $10 and change
  5. dear dear:
  6. Peppy


    I am wondering if people should hold on for more gain on monday or sell now for quick profit ?
  7. tough to say; volumes are still surgin'...maybe'd be safe gettin' rid of it just before AH session ends...up 21% now and still rallyin'
  8. ess1096


    Bitstream, or anybody else:

    Sorry for the OT question. But how did you capture that screenshot that you posted? I can't figure out how to capture shots from Scottrade Elite.


  9. press and hold "ctrl" and hit the print screen button. Then paste it into msft paint program and save. Voila!
  10. ess1096


    Worked like a charm! THANKS!
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