Riley Cooper's Life Is Over

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    Give Mike Vick credit for stepping up. The NFL could care less if players beat up their wives and girlfriends, have serial illegitimate children, take PEDs provided they don't get caught or wreck their bodies through injuries and brain trauma. Violate the PC code however and they will come down hard on you.

    The haters have a new target now that George Zimmerman has escaped.
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    Holy cow, the N word? Totally unemployable now anywhere. Might as well run down to the unemployment office, then the foodstamps place.

    EDIT: Yikes! To a black person's face? Hate crime charges coming up!
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    I agree with your comment about vic stepping up. That modified my opinion of vick.
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    blaspheme God all day, fine with Democrats, blaspheme Blacks, go to hell!
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    Eagles owner Jeffrey Lurie is a spineless pussy.
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    When Michael Vick saves the lives of 500 dogs, let me know. Until then he's lower than dog crap roasting on the asphalt of a Texas highway.
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    I'd rather see the bastard step out in front of a truck on a Texas highway.
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    Max E.

    I disagree, Vick has went over and above to change his life in my opinion, and Im willing to give him a second chance. I understand what he did was reprehensible, but we are still talking about animals in the end, not human beings, and he didnt give up on the charity work, and helping the community the second he got PETA off his ass, he is still a huge benefit to the community, and continues to go over and above to help people within his community.

    Vick's story is a good story that people can legitimately change, before he was a gang banger with his own personal entourage terrorising the neighborhoods he lives in, now he is a benefit to his community and his is a leader both on and off the field.
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    I have my own opinion and that's not it. A man who will do what he did to a dog is probably just going through the motions to win hearts and minds for his own benefit, not for redemption. I doubt that he has a true moral compass. I'll forgive him when my dog or God tells me to do so. So far, neither are talking.
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    After what he did to those dogs, I'll never support the pile of garbage in any way. He may have changed, but I haven't.
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