rightwingers. the train is leaving the station.

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  1. see that speck way off in the distance? that is the train leaving you behind. it is at the 9200 mile marker today. you wanted no part of helping fix whats wrong with this country.
    imagine how it will go in the next election if the market recovers, the economy is getting better, we get a good health care plan and we are out of iraq. what do you think your chances are of gaining power in the legislature?

    obama has made some mistakes. he is too soft on wall street and corporate greed. his health care plan is too complicated making it easy to demigog. he is at least stepping up and confronting long over due problems.
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  3. is it any surprise that his poll rating are low right now? you have the powerful right wing talk machine all focused on destroying him. rush, fox ect.
    in the elections people vote their pocketbook and if things are precieved to be better what will republicans run on? i guess the republicans could pray for a double dip crash. how does if feel being reduced to hoping the country fails so you win?
  4. S&P back up to nearly 1000.

    Dow Jones has rallied +1300 points since Inauguration Day . . . The train has already left the station indeed!

    Who's the leader of the GOP again?

  5. You said you were going to stop posting in the P&R forum. Whats the deal?
  6. Absolutely +1, great point.
  7. Since we have Vhehn and FloydLandis being extremely bullish we know exactly what the dumb money is doing. Go short.
  8. Considering how the DOW is inversely correlated to Obama's poll numbers, it appears the more Obama fails, the happier investors are!

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    Good I am not the only one thinking that.
    Liberal bitches are tripping all over themselves because of the market yet it doesn't occur to simpletons that the Emperor is being stripped naked as fast as market goes up (due to correct anyway).
  10. You never traded the Clinton years did you?

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