Right wingers' idea of a 'President'

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  2. Love is blind.
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  3. 1. The IRS has his tax returns; may I see your tax returns?

    2. Politicians are funny that way, just ask Obama.

    3. This same man has well over a hundred profitable businesses and has accumulated several billions of dollars in net worth.

    4. I would venture to say that any one of his three wifes would be considered hotter by most people than anything you’ve ever had. Or Obama for that matter.

    5. At least Trump lives his life closer to the teachings of the Bible than some of the Liberals whine about him 24/7. By the way, tell us about the Church that Obama attended.

    6. Is this about a gift ungiven? This multibillionaire’s greatest gift was to the American people when he decided to become President in an attempt save us from the political and cultural attacks by the Radical Left.

    7. His “bone spurs” would have caused him to be a liability in combat <grin>, but not anything that would prevent him from playing sports, Eh? By the way, tell us about Bush’s or Obama’s service record.

    8. Based on the results of the Mueller investigation, no one with at least half a brain, will never voluntarily testify again. Weren’t most of the indictments based on obstruction based on “lying” rather than a primary crime. Mueller basically at nothing against the witness until they testified. It appeared various witnesses were contradicting themselves due to the many different ways basically the same question was asked of them and Mueller would then charge them with obstruction.

    I believe you are either foreign troll or part of a subversive organization looking to cause harm to the United States.

    Would you be willing to testify in front of an Congressional investigative committee? You don’t have anything to hide, do you?
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  7. Good thread. :thumbsup:
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    We have Senators and Congressmen in Congress who have net worths of $150 million to $250 million a piece. They have salaries in the range of $100,000-$200,000. Even at 30 years, that would only be $6 million and they have to pay taxes on that, use it to pay their bills? How can they become so filth rich? Bernie Sanders foremost extreme liberal Socialist now has 3 houses and driving an expensive $200,000 sports car? Where are you hypocrite trolls asking for the heads of these corrupt politicians? FBI, DOJ do your jobs and investigate these guys!
  10. IN addition to my total exoneration my attorney Gooliani and i are going to prepare a 150 page rebuttal which will totally and totally exonerate us and make me President For Life , like my friend Kim.
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