right wing nutcase goes on murder spree after listening to right wing talk radio.

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  1. McVay says the killing was the first step in a plan to assassinate President Obama.

    In a jailhouse interview with Wisconsin television station WKOW, McVay called Schein "collateral damage" in his plan to gun down the president on a golf course.

    The seeds of McVay's scattershot assassination plan - "to kill and kill until I get him," - emerged during his last two months in prison in Sioux Falls, he said.
    He spent that time listening to talk radio while on "disciplinary segregation" for a 2009 escape attempt.

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    Max E.

    He must have been an atheist, clearly it all happened because he didnt believe in religion....
  4. We clearly need to repeal the First* and Second Amendments to prevent something like this from happening again.

    * conservative speech only
  5. Hmm- I think if we abolish the Constitution all together we'll resolve all this crazy right wing killing.
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    Crazy rednecks.
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    Noted, the redundancy in your thread's title.
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    Max E.

    "Right wing nut job plots murder while leaning on the right side of his chair, apparently he used his right hand to pull the trigger, he also listened to right wing radio, with his right ear.

    Sources say the right wingers motive for shooting was because he thought everyone else was wrong and he was right."

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  10. Might wanna do something about that Lucrum, sleep deprivation causes loss of cognitive ability. :D

    Get 8 hours, every night, I know it helps me:)
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