right wing nutball: U.S. military the “last bastion of morality and ethics”

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  1. http://freethoughtblogs.com/dispatches/2012/07/26/boykin-military-the-last-bastion-of-morality/
    Unhinged nutball and retired general Jerry Boykin is now the executive vice president of the Family Research Council and he joined his new boss, uber-bigot Tony Perkins, on the radio to declare that Obama is actively trying to undermine the U.S. military because it’s the “last bastion of morality and ethics” in the country.

    Boykin: The administration has been on a campaign, I think, to penetrate this last bastion of morality and ethics, and that being the institution of the military,

    yea right. morality and ethics:
    "According to several studies of the US military funded by the Department of Veteran Affairs, 30% of military women are raped while serving, 71% are sexually assaulted, and 90% are sexually harassed."

  2. This is consistent.

    Biblically, women are considered chattel, so what rights would they have?
  3. I'll find Boykin and Perkins and make them butt fuck each other.
  4. This is a good point you make about the Liberal war on women.
    They fought to get women into the military, thinking it is just a normal job. It is not a job. It is much more complicated then that.

    And of course, abortion , worldwide, due to sex selection, millions and millions of females are being destroyed because of gender.
  5. I can't wait til they let women be SEAL's or Fighter pilots, what a joke:D :D
  6. <iframe width="420" height="315" src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/vlIm-riMN6Q" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
  7. They already let women be fighter pilots.Being a homosexual I don't understand how you can be so discriminatory against others

  8. yeah I knew that I was baiting you,they had to lower the standards so that women could pass.
  9. and you foolishly believe every one has the same natural abilities and proclivities.

    Form creates function that's why Shaq would have made a crappy jockey no matter how hard he tried.

    Sorry but I won't feel too discriminated against if i don't get that wet nurse or hand model job.

  10. The same way Allen West would vote himself back onto the plantation. It's a peculiar kind of self hatred.
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