Right Wing Hypocrisy?

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  1. Why do the wing nuts bitch about the MSM on the one hand, then defend GS for making as much money as they want?

    The MSM are just a bunch of filthy corporations trying to make as much money as they can...the American way, right? To do anything to make a buck?

    Isn't that what GS is doing? A filthy corporation trying to make as much money as they can...the American way, right? To do anything to make a buck?

    One could make an argument that the media has a responsibility to act in a particular way...but doesn't making a buck for a corporation trump everything else?

    Why can't the wing nuts be consistent in their principles...

    ...errrrrrrrrrrrrrr, because they are not principled.
  2. As far I can tell, the only ones defending GS is GS itself and perhaps those dependent on them for their livelihood.

    Venture a guess that a sizable number of Americans are resentful of the scam they have pulled off, particularly since the end of 2008. Didn't they have armed guards at headquarters the day of earnings announcement? Sounds like they are continually looking over their shoulders. Who needs them anyway.
  3. This is the kind of logic that only a leftist could come up with.
  4. It is the kind of logic which you can't counter logically.

    Why is that?

    To do so, would expose the right wing duplicity...

  5. Lucrum


    Why do the left wing nuts bitch about right wing nuts?

    (It's a rhetorical question TrollZz)

    I realize you desperately need to argue about...well...almost anything and berate...well...just about everyone. But is this the best "issue" you could fabricate in your never ending stroll down TrollZz lane?

    (hint: this is another rhetorical question)
  6. Why is Lucrumb so dumb?

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    The TrollZz/optional777, predictable as stink on shit.
  8. Like a puppet on a string, Lucrummy is such a dummy...

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    Look like TrollZz is taking his ques from wikimedia on "How to Win an Argument".

    Unfortunately he must have missed this part at the top of the page:

    "This page contains material intended to be humorous. It should not be taken seriously or literally."
  10. Dummy Lucrummy on a string...dance fool, dance...

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