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Discussion in 'Politics' started by Pekelo, Nov 21, 2006.

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    "Now Fox News Channel, a primary source of material for Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert, is teaming with the exec producer of "24" to try its hand at a news satire show for conservatives to love.

    Joel Surnow, co-creator of "24," is shooting two half-hour pilots of a skein he described as " 'The Daily Show' for conservatives," due to air in primetime on Saturdays in January."


    1. Comedians should be always anti-power, anti-establishment, no matter who is on the top.
    2. Colbert was the guest comedian at the President's correspodence dinner. I guess Dennis Miller wasn't aviable..
    3. If something is funny, it is funny doesn't matter which side you are on. Like dead people winning elections against living ones... :)
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    Monkey see, monkey do! :D :D :D :D

    When's the last time a khan-servative had an original idea? I think it's been at least a century.

    Dennis Miller used to be funny, then he became a khan-servative. That pretty much says it all.
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    Miller's case was pathetic. He said something like: "Bush simply can't do no wrong for me."

    I bet he cried when it was first Lewis Black then Stephen Colbert who got invited to the correspodent dinner...