Right wing Christian Americans, has this ever occurred to you?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by bungrider, Mar 4, 2004.

  1. ...that the United States might one day (in our lifetimes) become predominantly Muslim?

    Maybe now it will make sense to you that we should try and separate church and state as much as possible??

    I mean, I listen to Christian radio (or watch Christian public access TV) sometimes, and it's pretty clear to me that you guys all hate Muslims and want to execute all of them, so do you really want to have to face the possibility that all of your meddling efforts to try and get prayer in schools, etc. might one day result in your daughter being stoned to death for not wearing a veil to (public) school?

    Could it be that the founding fathers of the United States, who incidentally, were all white, Christian males, knew what was up when they engineered the fundamental separation of church and state into the Constitution?

    Has any of this ever occurred to you? :confused:

    "...that had NOT occurred to us, dude." -the big lebowski
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    If I am going to get carpal tunnel arguing things I am going to do it in a gay-lasbian-save the whales site, not ET.

    More bang for the buck.:D
  3. I don't feel like arguing, but evangelical Christians have already lost the majority demographically. We are too diverse religiously to have the Muslims "take over" at this point....

    This is the interesting question - and I don't mean this apologetically but rather historically - what is the difference in our nation since the evangelicals lost power in the 60's?
  4. Read a bit the Chit-Chat thread on ET's. You'll find out.