Right Wing and Anti Intellectualism

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    Conservatives would have us believe that they hold a monopoly on common sense. Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Bill O’Reilly, and many other right-wing rabble-rousers regularly portray themselves as defenders of the good, old-fashioned common sense of average Americans against an out-of-touch liberal elite. A growing cadre of ambitious politicians likewise aims to lead a crusade in the name of “commonsense conservatism.” Glenn Beck has even gone so far as to publish a runaway bestseller that explicitly piggybacks on Thomas Paine’s Common Sense to argue against the danger of “out-of-control government” and the forces of organized foolishness that would foist it on the American people.

    The unanimity is impressive. But it is also ridiculous. The fact is that the right’s appeal to common sense is nonsense. Unfortunately, though, it is a form of nonsense with deep roots in the American past and a very long history of political potency.
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    I'm sorry to burst your bubble RCG but the left has nearly zero common sense. It's born out time and again. And, you are a perfect example of the schizophrenic liberal mentality.
  3. Get this: Fox News is — gasp! — not all that informative, according to Fairleigh Dickinson University’s latest PublicMind poll.

    The poll — which asked New Jerseyans where they find news and information about current events — found that Sunday morning news shows are the most informative, while Fox News actually leads people to be less informed than those who consume no news at all.

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    RCG, common sense has nothing to do with party affiliation. What is the point to that post? Some people have common sense, some don't. I don't get it.

    For the record, the reason people on the right refer to common sense, is because the politcal docturn on the left states that the government is this all knowing all wise entity that can make decisions for you and some of us libertarian minded folk think we can actually make decisions quite fine on our own without the government intruding in our lives. So they refer to that as common sense.

    I don't need people making decisions for me RCG. I'll rely on "my" common sense.
  6. Can you qualify that statement with an example? Or perhaps give an example of the left using common sense? By example, I mean things that politicians have done, not what political commentators have said.

    Of course, I know it's very possible to find examples of both Republicans and Democrats lacking any kind of sense, including common :p
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    RCG is just pouting about his ass kicking here the other day.
    Despite the obvious beat down he needs to try and rationalize how he's still smarter than everyone else.
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    I just don't know why a self described libertarian like RCG would think that the government is better at making decisions for him then he is.
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    Obviously because he is NOT a libertarian.
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