Right to Death?

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  1. How does everyone feel about Jeb Bush's decision to hook the brain dead lady back up to machines? Seems that it is a nice way to torture someone who really should be given the right to die peacefully.
  2. _ Feb. 25, 1990: Terri Schiavo collapses in her home. Doctors believe a potassium imbalance caused her heart to stop, temporarily cutting off oxygen to her brain.

    _ Nov. 1992: Terri's husband, Michael, wins malpractice suit that accused doctors of misdiagnosing his wife; jury awards more than more than $700,000 for her care, Michael receives an additional $300,000.

    _ Feb. 14, 1993: Terri Schiavo's parents, Bob and Mary Schindler, have a falling out with Michael over the malpractice suit money and Terri's care.

    _ July 29, 1993: Bob and Mary Schindler file petition to have Michael Schiavo removed as Terri's guardian. The case is later dismissed.

    _ May 1998: Michael Schiavo files petition to remove Terri's feeding tube.

    _ Feb. 11, 2000: Circuit Judge George W. Greer rules feeding tube can be removed.

    _ Jan. 24, 2001: 2nd District Court of Appeal upholds Greer's decision.

    _ March 29, 2001: Greer rules feeding tube to be removed April 20.

    _ April 18, 2001: Florida Supreme Court refuses to intervene in the case.

    _ April 20, 2001: U.S. District Judge Richard Lazzara grants the Schindlers a stay until April 23 to exhaust appeals.

    _ April 23, 2001: U.S. Supreme Court refuses to intervene.

    _ April 24, 2001: Feeding tube is removed from Terri Schiavo.

    _ April 26, 2001: Circuit Judge Frank Quesada orders doctors to reinsert Terri's feeding tube; the Schindlers pursue lawsuit against Michael Schiavo, accusing him of committing perjury by saying his wife did not want to be kept on life support.

    _ April 30, 2001: Lawyers for Michael Schiavo file emergency motion with appellate court asking it to order removal of Terri's feeding tube.

    _ July 11, 2001: 2nd District Court of Appeal sends case back to Judge Greer.

    _ July 18, 2001: Schindlers ask Greer to let their doctors evaluate Terri before making a final decision on removing the feeding tube.

    _ Aug. 10, 2001: Greer denies the Schindlers' evaluation request, as well as their request to remove Michael Schiavo as guardian.

    _ Sept. 26, 2001: Schindlers' attorneys argue before 2nd District Court of Appeal, citing testimony from seven doctors who say Terri can recover with the right treatment.

    _ Oct. 3, 2001: 2nd District Court of Appeal delays removal of feeding tube indefinitely.

    _ Oct. 17, 2001: 2nd District Court of Appeal rules that five doctors can examine Terri to determine whether she has any hope of recovery. Two doctors are picked by the Schindlers, two are picked by Michael Schiavo and one is picked by the court.

    _ Feb. 13, 2002: Mediation attempts fail; Michael Schiavo again seeks to be allowed to remove Terri's feeding tube.

    _ Oct. 12, 2002: Weeklong hearing begins in the case. Three doctors, including the one appointed by the court, testify that Terri is in a persistent, vegetative state with no hope of recovery. The two doctors selected by the Schindlers say she can recover.

    _ Nov. 12, 2002: The Schindlers' attorney says medical records suggest Terri's condition may have been brought on by physical abuse, and asks for more time to get more evidence.

    _ Nov. 22, 2002: Judge Greer rules that there is no evidence that Terri has any hope of recovery and orders feeding tube to be removed Jan. 3, 2003.

    _ Dec. 13, 2002: Judge Greer stays order to remove feeding tube on Jan. 3 until the 2nd District Court of Appeal reviews the case.

    _April 4, 2003: Schindlers' attorneys ask Second District Court of Appeal panel to "err on the side of life" and overturn Greer's ruling.

    _June 6, 2003: 2nd District Court of Appeal upholds Greer's ruling.

    _July 15, 2003: The 2nd District Court of Appeal refuses to rehear the case.

    _Aug. 22, 2003: The Florida Supreme Court declines to hear case.

    _Sept. 2, 2003: Schindlers take case to federal court seeking judicial intervention.

    _Sept. 17, 2003: Judge Greer sets Oct. 15 date for removal of tube.

    _Oct. 3, 2003: Attorney General Charlie Crist says he won't get involved in case.

    _Oct. 7, 2003: Gov. Jeb Bush files a federal court brief urging Terri Schiavo be kept alive.

    _Oct. 10, 2003: U.S. District Judge Lazzara rules he does not have jurisdiction to intervene in case.

    _Oct. 13, 2003: Protesters and Schindler family begin 24-hour vigil at Pinellas Park hospice where Terri Schiavo lives.

    _Oct. 14, 2003: 2nd District Court of Appeal again refuses to block tube removal; Schindler attorneys declare legal options exhausted.

    _Oct. 15, 2003: Doctors remove feeding tube; Bush pledges to search for possible legal options to resume feedings.

    _Oct. 17, 2003: Two state courts reject the Schindler's request to reinsert the feeding tube.

    _Oct. 20, 2003: The Florida House of Representatives votes to give governor the power to issue a stay in the feeding tube dispute.

    _Oct. 21, 2003: The Senate and House agree on legislation allowing Bush to intervene. He signs the bill, then issues an order to reinsert the tube. Morton Plant Hospital begins rehydrating Terri Schiavo, six days after her feeding tube was removed. A judge rejects a request by her husband's attorney to temporarily restrain the governor's order.
  3. Typical litigation with the parties fighting over more on whose going to win the argument rather than who is right. The two doctor's of the Schindler's? Just goes to show that you can get an expert witness to say anything you pay him to. The Court appointed physician is probably the closest to neutral and objective. Thirteen years is a long time to hope for recovery from a coma.
  4. Jeb is a politician, what do you expect?
  5. Yes, but even politician's must have a conscience?
  6. Some... But we're talking about Jeb Bush here...
  7. According to these videos, she is not in a coma but what appears to be an awakened vegetative state.


    Unfortunately, there is a big gapping hole in her brain where the cerebrum cortex used to be that is now filled with spinal fluid. So although she seems to have SOME of the most minimal basic functions intact, it seems to me that the person that she once was is dead.

    I don't understand why her family won't let her go. There is no telling what pain and suffering that she is dealing with on a daily basis. I would imagine that her family loves her deeply, but there is a time when you accept a loss and let that person go on. If her own body can't support her and she cannot perform the basic functions of "life," then the only thing that her family that her family is allowing is that she remain a living "photograph" of what once was -- and that is sad, because ultimately it was her will not to be kept alive by artificial means (according to her husband).
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    Aphie I agree with you. What kind of life is that? 14 years of not much.

    I think Jeb Bush should pay for her care in that case. Let her loving family pay for it too if they think she is worth saving.

    I am sure that malpractice settlement money ran out a long time ago and now the hospital is trying to get blood out of her husband. I really feel sorry for him. :(
  9. In the world of lists, there is the worst things to go through emotiionally, some of which include, being a defendant in a felony trial good for possible 10-20, the death of a spouse and at the top is the death of one's child. it would seem that the parents have not accepted it where the husband has.
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