Right method to off-load NFLX stock options

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  1. No, get level 3 with etrade and do it without the taxable event on the exercise.

    Not sure if there's legal prohibitions against it, but with a broker assisted trade, they might allow this position without extending you the higher options trading levels.
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  2. And sorry...spamming your thread like crazy. What are you willing to lose (per 100 shares) on this position? You can keep a substantial amount of gain potential while reigning in your risk a lot.
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  4. Thank you, I will check that out as well.
    I have level 3. Doing it without the taxable event seems like an attractive option. Let me check with them.
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  5. I will have to let go of at least 150 options to keep an additional 100 shares. Yes, if I can keep them all, that seems like the best option. I am still reading your reply, some of it is my knowledge gap.
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    The brokerage that handles your stock options may allow you to sell naked calls and buy a put (collar) using your vested options as collateral. It is worth asking.
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  7. That would have been the best method. But they don't allow that. The treatment on employee stock options is that it is coupon to exercise/sell or exercise/hold. Nothing more.
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    Can your bank or any financial institution loan you funds using those coupons as collateral? Then you can use the funds to buy the underlying then you can collar those.
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  9. Good thinking @ironchef . Let me call my banks.
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  10. Just to make it educational for anyone reading this:

    I called eTrade and looks like my options on NFLX options are limited. Writing naked calls (which will lock up cash purchasing power and hence a 'no' from me) and exercising and holding by paying for the tax/price are two best options. Not impressive options. I need to play with put spreads and put combinations to protect and find a sweet spot I am comfortable with (to support that liquidity, I may sell some as I am doing this year anyway to a certain extent). I really appreciate all of you guys including @ironchef and @beerntrading explaining the details.

    And selling to cover enough to own some shares where I can write collar in another possibility.

    And I am exploring loaning from my banks for the 'collar' option Of course, the interest rate might play a role, and may be prohibitive in the end, but I want to make it educational for me as well.
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