Right Makes Crap Up

Discussion in 'Politics' started by timcar, Nov 17, 2010.

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    “Left sticks to facts, Right is well Glen Beck”: Bill Maher
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    Bill maher made the claim on the show in question that violence only occurs when caused by the right, his proof was the lunatic who stomped on the shoulder of a woman who was on the ground.

    Mysteriously bill maher never pointed out the fact that a bunch of seiu thugs kicked the shit out of a black conservative only a couple months ago, while dropping n-bombs directed at the conservative, during a tea party rally. That didnt seem to fit the agenda. Thankfully all 6 thugs have been charged.

    Feel free to expose scumbag politicians im on your side in that regard, but dont be doing it based on far left nonsense, which is based on lies.

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  4. More like expose these scumbag cops in some of these videos.