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Discussion in 'Feedback' started by nkhoi, May 23, 2005.

  1. nkhoi


    can you make it so that I can right click on name and it give choices of
    1) add this person
    2) ignore this clow
    thank you very much :D
  2. TGregg


    If you left click on their name, you see their profile, and it includes an option to add them to your ignore list. It's two clicks instead of one, but it's already in place. You also have the choice of adding them to your buddy list.
  3. Whats a clow? is that one of those guys in the circu?
  4. lar


    I put a poster on ignore but his posts still come up. What does the "ignore" feature do and is it possible to screen out all of his posts?

    thanks in advance,

  5. Just go back to that to that alias' Profile Page, and, in the center, click on, Add XXXX to your ignore list,
    and the confirmation message box, "XXXX has now been successfully added to your ignore list......", will briefly appear.

    If you then click on "Search for all posts by this User" at the top right, you will notice that his (unlabeled) Post History page
    will have each of his posts in a Preview: window, in which will be, This person is on your Ignore List.
    Click on any of those Post:s, and the thread page where that post is located will come up -
    except that you don't see the Ignored alias' post at all - not even his name where the post exists to the rest of us....

    (When you went to put that particular alias on Ignore, you may have inadvertently clicked on the Add XXX to your buddy list,
    you thought you had added him to Ignore, when in fact, it was another name which you had previously Ignore List-added).
    Hint to all: Don't just hang-out in Chit Chat! ;-)

    The point made here, is that the Ignore function works flawlessly, thankfully. :D
  6. lar


    Thanks NYSEProTrader,

    It has worked flawlessly.

    This is GREAT!

    Peace and gtty,

  7. Actually, all members' chronologically-listed posts are on their (very visibly upper-left-labeled) Post Results page.