Right call on crop woes boosts Cargill's fortunes.

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    http://www.agrimoney.com/news/right-call-on-crop-woes-boosts-cargills-fortunes--2699.html .

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    Right call on crop woes boosts Cargill's fortunes

    A correct call at the start of the crop price rally has helped Cargill to a jump in earnings, by enhancing its ability to supply importers left in the lurch by dismal crops at major crop exporting countries.

    Cargill, the world's largest agricultural commodities trader, said that earnings more than tripled to $1.5bn in the September-to-November quarter, on revenues up 16% at $31.1bn.

    Even excluding the contribution from Mosaic, the fertilizer giant that Cargill controls, earnings near-doubled to $832m - a performance Greg Page, the group chairman and chief executive, said reflected "strong results across the breadth " of the company.

    "The diversity and balance built into the mix provides the company with a great deal of resilience," he said.

    Correct call

    However, results were particularly strong in the origination and processing division, whose functions include sourcing and distributing grains and oilseeds, after it "developed an early and accurate read" on the weather setbacks in the June-to-August period, and their implications on trade.

    That period witnessed the revelation of a string of crop setbacks, including persistent rains in western Canada which left an estimated 10.5m acres of farmland unseeded, and the drought in Russia, which forcing one of the world's top wheat shippers to drop exports.

    The division's call "enabled the segment to serve import-dependent customers with grain rerouted from alternate origins, while handling substantial volatility across agricultural commodity markets", Cargill said.

    Separately, France, Europe's top wheat grower, on Wednesday lifted its forecast for shipments of the grain to a record 11.8m tonnes, after winning a string of deals from importers, largely in North Africa, which had been served by the Black Sea exporters.

    Costs grow

    Cargill also highlighted better profits at its agricultural services division, lifted by grain handling volumes swollen by historically large US crops.

    But results in food ingredients operations were "mixed", sapped by the higher costs of raw materials.


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  2. 1) The story would be more "interesting" if Cargill were publicly-held. :)
    2) In a way, Cargill is "The Grain Market". They will not miss any turns in the market. :cool:
    3) Are you Greek? :confused:
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    I believe that i have a tremendous passion with that Giant Multinational Grains Company.


    Yes, i am Greek and i am located in Athens City, Greece.

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