Right brain/left brain test

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  1. Lucrum


    Left Brain Dominance: 11
    Right Brain Dominance: 6

    Now I have to do a Google search to find out if that's good or bad.
  2. nitro


    Left Brain Dominance: 8
    Right Brain Dominance: 12
  3. Left Brain 10
    Right Brain 4

    Confirms what I thought about myself.
  4. Do you think being left brained is and an advantage or an disadvantage in trading?

  5. It bad, very bad lol. Just kidding.
  6. Left brain is analytical, you draw your own conclusions. In school I was good at math/science (but also had a strong interest in history) but drawing, singing, composing music doing creative activity of any kind is beyond me.
  7. Left 12
    Right 9

    I was depressed a lot so I started reading up on it... some people imaged brain mass in depressed people and found that the right hemisphere was 28% undersized.... I sort of think that explains a lot, probably that is how I got where I am today :D
  8. My guess is left brain is probably good since you must be good at following rules etc. Its probably good for system development too.

  9. Cheer up! I read that same article however that wouldn't affect its dominance. Besides it doesn't mean your brain is shrunken on the right side (g).

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