Rigged game.

Discussion in 'Trading' started by hairdresser, May 8, 2007.

  1. You guys dont even know it. you come into the market and this site and fight it every day.
  2. So you lost money today then? :)
  3. I'm a girl so, having a ball with trading:p

  4. Sounds like someone got a haircut.
  5. lol. clueless. im down a bit, but so what. what does that have to do with anything. you guys all scalp pennies. you havent a clue.
  6. yea it so rigged I made money
  7. People don't complain when they're happy.

    That's why traders who make money don't start threads about the markets being rigged.

    What are you hoping to achieve with this thread? And could you elaborate on why no one else has a clue. :)
  8. I told you before to stay out of the markets when you're having a bad hair day:eek:
  9. Who's the clueless one? YOU are the one playing the supposed "rigged game". Your words, not mine.

  10. Allaces


    Of course it's rigged... I rigged it
    #10     May 8, 2007