Rifle Scope Can't Be Exported Out of US. WTF?

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  1. what happened to the freedom in US?

    i am totally surprised that one needs a permit to export even a simple hunting rifle to Canada or Europe. it takes 1-2 months to get the permit and it costs $$.

    this is US law.



    US law prevents the export of scopes without an export permit from the state the product is purchased in and an import permit from Canada. Cabelas will not ship even with a export permit."
  2. May I suggest you check with your customs agency before relying on info from a chat room.
  3. this is what opticsplanet write below each rifle scope:

    "Government Export Restriction
    This item may be regulated for export by the U.S. Department of State or the U.S. Department of Commerce. Please see our Export Policy prior to placing your order."

    it is not easy to figure out what exactly the govmt wants. as far as i could understand they seem to want you to have an export license for any rifle scope.

    "...Here is what must be done in order to obey the Import/Export laws of Canada & The U.S. for those who wish to order Rifle Scopes from the U.S.

    Importing & Exporting into Canada

    The rules have changed for exporting firearms parts into Canada. We must now get export authorization for shipping both barrels and scopes to Canada. With barrels we are required to get an export license from the U.S. State Department. In the past Canada was exempt from this requirement but we now must get the license as we do with all other foreign countries. With scopes we are also required to get export authorization but it is through the Department of Commerce."

    here is somebody's story:
    A friend had a really BIG problem after the last Puyallup Gun Show he went down for. He'd been down and purchased a number of seemingly harmless items, such as plastic pistol grips for AR's and shotguns, spring kits, a couple of laser sight adaptors for handguns, etc. No guns, no major gun parts (barrels etc.), just "nick knacks". When he arrived at the border, he had a list on his dashboard ready to give to Canada Customs to declare all of the above, but never made it across the border. On the US side, they were waiting for him and the "black Ninja's" stopped him, dragged him out of his van, threw him into an interview room, roughed him up a bit, slashed his van seats looking for "guns or cash", then seized everything he'd bought (about $800.00 worth) and sent him back to Canada empty handed. They told him he might be prosecuted for exporting "materials of war" without an export permit or a broker handling his export of these items. They quoted him several US regulations related to their anti-terrorist bill, and he looked them up online when he got home. Sure enough, virtually everything related to firearms is now classed as "materials of war" under their new bill and must have export permits to leave the USA. He's spoken to the prosecutor several times on the phone now, and it appears he's convinced them that he's not a terrorist, didn't mean to break their laws, and won't be charged under US law. They still haven't told him if he'll be allowed to re-enter the USA again though, that's up in the air for now. They're keeping all the seized items though ....
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    What make and model scope, temporary or permanent import, personal or commercial, gift or sale?
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    Yep, the op is wrong, flat out..
  6. this is a permanent export and a gift to a friend. simple scope:
    Zeiss Conquest 3-9x40, Z-Plex Reticle, Multi-Coated Lenses

    I gave up on the idea because of the red tape.

    another example: this woman got arrested for smuggling night vision optics. in this case i understand that the arrest was likely correct since the optics is very sophisticated and sells for $4K or more.
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    I've run the question by my broker, I'll let you know what he has to say. As far as I know, as long as the scope is not presented with a firearm it is perfectly legal. It's classified as a telescope.
  8. thank you for looking into this!

    but i probably won't be going through with it. the reason is that i was gonna take it with me on the plane. i really don't feel like arguing with the customs and see my plane leave without me.
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    You won't have to argue if this is ok to ship as casual goods. But, in that case, you could also send it via courier. Don't give up just yet, you've got me curious, since I do not typically import/export goods in this group.
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