Ridiculous NFL Free Agent Contracts..

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  1. Clements was the premier player in free agency. His contract seemed outrageous at first glance but after analyzing it, it's actually quite reasonable. The last two years are backloaded and have no chance of being played out. The contract basically works out to a 6 year deal that averages about 7.5 per year, which is reasonable for a top-3 CB who's in his prime. The franchise tag for a CB is over 8M.

    Samuels would have gotten a similar deal, although probably less because IMO Clements is a slightly better CB.

    On the other hand, Leonard Davis got too much. He's a mediocre tackle so he might end up playing guard, which is not a premium position.
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  2. Here's an interesting story from the Browns front...

    The Browns also tried to sign Dielman when they were signing Steinbach. They reportedly offered Dielman $49 million.

    Had that signing happened, we would have spent almost $100 million on two guards...

    And to top that off, Clements is from Cleveland and played at Ohio State. Supposedly he was the Browns #1 target this offseason, but when the 49ers threw that crazy contract at him, he went for the cash.

    I know this is 'what if' - but what if the Browns had signed Steinbach, Dielman AND Clements... add Jamal Lewis to that and draft either Adrian Peterson or a QB... I'd have to get excited again! LOL.
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  3. Pats fans should be feeling very good. I am hoping Asante is freed and cn sign wth the Redskins next year. We have never really recovered from the disastrous trade of Champ Bailey to Denver for a journeyman RB.
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