Ridiculous NFL Free Agent Contracts..

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  1. The NFL Free Agency did not need to wait for an invitation to begin this year, as all the big names in FA were picked up within the first 72-96 hours. Some of the contracts of which we have never seen before in football. Take a look at some of these figures and let's discuss how you think they will help or hurt your team.

    Nate Clements 8 yrs $80 million -- Hardly a Champ Bailey; 5th best CB

    Leonard Davis 7 yrs $50million -- Cardinals refused to resign, enough said

    Ovie Mughelli, 6 yrs $18million -- He's a blocking FB?!? WHAT THE?????

    Daniel Graham 5 yrs $30million -- A just better than average TE; he can't block so save his life! More than Antonio Gates and Tony Gonzales ???

    Eric Steinbach 7 yrs $49.5million top 5 Guard in the league, solid player but nevertheless, he's a GUARD..

    Adalius Thomas terms no disclosed however it is rumored to be a 5-6 year deal worth $40-45million. He reportedly took a paycut to play in NE. This guy is actually one of the premier athletes in the league, he can literally play every position on defense effectively. I can't wait to see what Belichek has in store for him.

    I am a Tampa Bay Buccaneer fan and I do think that the Jeff Garcia pick up was a big one because he will help w/ the development of our young guys as well as provide a solid starter for our team for the next 2 years. He is a great leader and he has faced turmoil before towards the end of his stay with Terrible Owens in SF. I'm also hoping that we can get Calvin Johnson with our 1st round pick and solidify the defense with our next 3 draft choices to give Garcia a big target.

    Let's discuss..
  2. Daniel Graham was primarily a 'Blocking' TE in NE, and is considered one of the best blockers in the league at that position. The Pats would have signed him using the franchise tag had they not had to use it on Asante Samuel.

    I too can't wait to see Thomas in a Pats jersey. He didn't take a 'Pay Cut' to join NE, as he was a free agent. He did turn down the chance to get a larger contract from the 49'ers however. Good to see the occasional player who thinks winning is more important than a few extra millions on top of lots of millions.
  3. I am a Falcon fan. Mughelli will cut down on the 45 sacks that Vick tool last year, and will open up some big hole for the aging but still effective Dunn.

    Falcons also signed Joe Horn:) :cool:
  4. What was Graham doing against Miami? lol.. You might want to watch your game film again buddy.. Graham is solid against the bigger slower DE's of a 3-4 defense but oftentimes gets his butt handed to him when he has to go against speedy DEs of a 4-3 or OLB of a 3-4.. Graham also had a poor performance in the playoff game against INDY. Denver will solidify Graham's technique and he will be a force to be reckoned with as a blocking TE there. I still don't think he deserves that kind of money....

    Ok, perhaps pay cut is a bit misleading, but that is essentially what happened, he was offered 5 million more in guaranteed money from SF.

    It is GREAT to see a player who thinks winning is more important a couple more million. Thomas is a freak of nature man, he'll have 80 Tackles, 15 Sacks, 6 FF's, 2 Defensive TD's and 2 or 3 INTs and be a candidate for Defensive Player of the Year, watch!
  5. There's no doubt Mughelli is a more athletic younger version of Lorenzo Neil but 3 million per season!??! Petrino will put him to use, it's said that Mughelli has decent hands. I can't wait to see the wishbone with Mughelli, Dunn, and Norwood with Vick.. Maybe run some Option.. haha.. Petrino has a creative mind much like Urban Meyer.

    Dunn is very effective, he has premiere vision, and never takes a solid hit. I am still mad Tampa (John Gruden) let him go!!
  6. The big jump in the salary cap juiced this year's free agent signings. No doubt some pretty average players reaped huge paydays. The cows will come home in the future as teams are forced to resign or lose their premier players, who will obviously demand much bigger deals.

    The thing that impressed me was how some previously lowpaid positions, like offensive guard and fullback, got big money. I think the jury is still out on this. The Redskins, a big spending team, let Derrick Dockery go to Buffalo for around $17 mill guaranteed. Clearly they made a big mistake not reupping him during the season for less, but they seem to have made a decision that they aren't blowing that kind of dough for a guard.

    It seems to me the best strategy in free agency is to keep your powder dry and wait for the inevitable salary cap cuts in the spring and summer. You can pick up some nice veteran players at bargain prices. Of course, the trick is knowing who can still play.
  7. I like what the Pats have done in free agency but I wonder if the Asante Samuel franchise thing will come back to hurt them. Players who get franchised typically hold out of training camp and are headaches the entire season. Samuel would have gotten an astronomical deal in free agency, so he must be steaming.
  8. It is really a crapshoot. When the Saints signed Drew Brees for an handsome amount last year, every one down here was screaming bloody hell. All the local sports talk shows were filled with people complaining how senile Benson and the GM of Saints has become to pay that kind of money for a quarter back just coming out of injury. Now that the gamble has paid off, everyone calls in to say that these guys were geniuses.
  9. Asante is a very solid CB, he is very physical and has suprising speed. I believe he would have been offered a similar contract to Nate Clements. He's definitely not too happy.

    I doubt Samuel will hold out, as, Belichek has a way with players being that he has 3 Super Bowl rings. NE organization would be down right dumb to not resign Samuel long term, he is one of the true lockdown corners of the league. He doesn't have Champ Bailey's blazing speed, but he has perfect technique and no one can flat out run by him.

    If the Patriots get Paul Poluszny in the 1st Round of this years draft I promise you all I will take a picture of me crying because it just isn't right!! I have a feeling he's going to fall that far because of his previous injury and becuase of other team's needs. Paul Poluszny is a more athletic Teddy Bruschi. He has a heart of a lion and would just solidify NE's linebacking corps for the next 8 years.

    It's really hard to hate NE, they just seem to do everything right. I was extremely angered when teams let Vince Wilkfork fall down to the Pats. We need to understand that with the addition of Adalius Thomas and the possibility of Poluszny, this may be one of the best front 7s in the HISTORY of football. Richard Seymore is a one in a 50 year type player. No one has ever had his combination of size and athleticism and let's not forget about Ty Warren. Ty Warren is a STUD he's even quicker off the line than Seymore!!!
  10. Boy you're not kidding. Imagine if the Saints would have signed Daunte and the Fins would have signed Brees.. How would the two have panned out????

    Oh, sice you're a Saints fan, I"ll share with you this. Before the season Antonio Freeman was trying to tell everyone about Marques Colston. He said that the competition from Colston has improved Devery Henderson's play. The Saints WRing corps is not going to lose a beat without Joe Horn. Look for Henderson and Colston to both have 1000 yard seasons.
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