Ride the bull with ANAD

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  1. The analysis that I have been reading is split 50/50 whether this stock is going to show large gains over the next year or so. Some reports are expecting over a 150% gain within two years. Do you see anything interesting with this stock for long term potential?

    The current trend is bullish. However, it is showing slightly overvalued and the companies numbers do not look outstanding. One thing it has going for it is the current cell phone buzz. They develop technology for 3G and Wifi.

    ANADIGICS, Inc. provides semiconductor solutions in the broadband wireless and wireline communications markets. Its products include power amplifiers, tuner integrated circuits, active splitters, line amplifiers, and other components. The company designs, develops, and manufactures radio frequency integrated circuits primarily using gallium arsenide compound semiconductor substrates with various process technologies, metal semiconductor field effect transistors, pseudomorphic high electron mobility transistors, and heterojunction bipolar transistors. In the broadband market, it focuses on applications for wireless local area networking systems, cable set-top boxes, cable television infrastructure systems, worldwide interoperability for microwave access systems, and fiber-to-the-premises communications systems.

    Semiconductor companies are HOT HOT HOT!!
  2. Here is the 6 month chart for you lazy people

  3. You guys are missing out!
  4. Good day today.
  5. Sorry guy's if this sounds a silly question, But if I buy 1000 shares of a $50.00 stock for ever tick it moves I am set to make or loss $10.00 a tick and does the same apply to a $100.00 stock is this correct?.I just want to make sure

  6. No!

    1,000 shares * $50/share * (+1/8 tick or 12.5%) = +6,250
    1,000 shares * $100/share * (+1/8 tick or 12.5%) = +12,500

    You are spending double for the $100 stock so your gain will be double at the same % gain/loss (tick).

    Make sense?

    Now say you only have $50,000 to spend total.

    1,000 shares * $50/share * (+1/8 tick or 12.5%) = +6,250
    500 shares * $100/share * (+1/8 tick or 12.5%) = +6,250

    However, it is less likely the $100 stock will go up 12.5% ;-).
  7. The hard part is finding something like a $1.00 stock that goes to $10.00 or a $10.00 stock that goes to $100.00.