Riddle, Riddle, Riddle

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  1. :confused:

    <h1>What has everyone seeing and yet no one will ever see again? <h1> :confused:
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  3. NO
  4. your wife?
  5. Wrong !!

    Every one is seeing the present which they will never see again...

    so... Yes... not No... but thanks anyway for playing...

    Riddle Solved... Thread Closed... Move On People Nothing To See Here...

  6. People who start stupid threads
  7. Best answer ever.

  8. Yeah, it's funny, but it's the wrong answer.

    You're going to see this on ET everyday.
  9. Here's a riddle:

    How many knee pads does mandelbrotset go thru in a month and does Reaver supply them or does Mandel have to pay for them himself????

  10. that is clever man very good

    PS: you are a real trader too, makes sense, most people here on ET are sheep big time
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