Riddle me this

Discussion in 'Options' started by shaqtus, Mar 5, 2009.

  1. shaqtus


    What equity goes up 17%, yet the value of its put options also increases (for some of them more than 17%)? (and the value of the deep out of the money puts increases across the board)

    It happened today
  2. Riddler: 'Riddle me this Batman, what What is it that no man wants to have but no man wants to lose?"

    Robin: 'FUCK YOU, RIDDLER, we're tired of your tounge twisting BULLSHIT'

    Batman: 'Robin, although the Riddler's crime ridden ways strain us all, there's no call for such language'

    Robin 'Gosh, Batman, that's right'
  3. johnnyc


    probably one that had a sizable increase in IV