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  1. 377OHMS


    You're kind of quiet lately.

    You ok?
  2. pspr


    Hit by a bus?

    Fell in a deep hole?

    Had a crane fall on him?

    Tried to leap from the tallest building?
  3. 377OHMS


    He's got similar problems as I had. Was just wondering if he was having a problem.

    I like Ricter. He's ok for a communist.

    Hope he is ok and just weary of the forum or busy with a deal.
  4. Did you check the bed of your wife/daughter/girlfriend/etc in case he is there?
  5. pspr


    I can tell by the few posts I see of his being quoted that the gang green has already reached his brain cell.

    A warm bath in some fluorosulfuric acid will cure Ricter of his problem.
  6. Lucrum


    You really should stick with your forte, starting fake $100 journals and blowing up your account from shear stupidity.
  7. 377OHMS


    Is he talking shit about my wife/daughter/girlfriend?

    By God I will send her over to him and he can live with her! :D

    To tell the truth there are a few who just can't stand being ignored and feel compelled to reply for public consumption. I guess AK is another one of those. Doesn't trouble me in the least. Children are easy to ignore unless they're hungry, hurt or need teaching or discipline.

    TJ has been shown by you to be a drooling idiot so many times I don't see how he can stick around. Masochism maybe (shrug). I can't imagine having such a reputation and not doing something to improve it.
  8. 377OHMS


    He might be sick and I know you don't want to kick somebody under those circumstances.

    Or he might be making some good money on an oil deal, the bastard. :D
  9. Lucrum


    Don't bother, TJ is a homo he wouldn't know what to do with a women.
    Now a camel on the the other hand...
  10. Ricter and myself are forming an exploratory committee for a Sanders/Warren presidential ticket. We will overthrow the non-producing owners and replace them with the actual producers...the working person. It's a proletarian revolution in the making. The bourgeoisie must go.
    As our higher brain develops the transition from capitalism to socialism is an inevitable consequence.
    I nominate this as the troll post of the day.:D
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