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  1. Is anyone here on the board familiar with RICO Data?

    RICO = Real Input Created Output

    So far what I know and what I just heard from others, Rico Data is used for extensive Backtesting. It is syntethic created data and with it , it would be possible to create Data for backtests with every possible Szenario and over a period of many thousand years. (instead of the few years of available intraday tick data)

    Would be intersted if anyone else has ever heard of that.

  2. maxpi


    RINA systems has some kind of randomly generated data they sell.
  3. I have just heared something from a friend of mine that this is some big issue of a very well known system developer. What I heared his systems are all based on those Rico Data and he also calculates them for hundrets of markets.

    From the responses so far I would have to believe that Rico Data is not known in this Community.