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  1. Anyone notice RICK going from 5 to 9 in 2 months? Im looking at the chart and believe its now a good time to short RICK.
  2. I have noticed marketbarometer & I've gone to RICK's clubs to further my research and I've noticed SIX things about the business.
    One. You can't touch! I found this surprising, the girls are so close, and the look in their eyes just screams- I'm all coked up touch me!
    Two. If you do touch a big guy named Larry will bend your fingers back in an uncomfortable way.
    Three> Most of the breasts are fake. When I did spot real breasts I found myself bartering with girl almost pleading for her to keep those pretty little things the way they are.
    FOUR: The booze tastes watered down.
    FIVE: No I don't want a steak right now.
    SIX: Money is given to the girls and placed in such a way that I wouldn't want to be the one who adds everything up at the end of the night.

    I agree short this bad boy. The truth is, I've been to a strip club maybe twice in my life- I think I would prefer a good massage from a co ed on Craig's list but i haven't exactly presented the idea to my wife yet.
  3. On Hollywood Blvd in Los Angeles, there is a strip club named The Bodyshop. When I was younger, I did not have the money to go into these clubs. Now that I am more mature (I want to avoid the word "older") and I have built up some cash from reasonable investing, I decided to visit that place a few years ago.

    It was a successful venture. There was one incredibly good looking 20 year old Russian woman who said she was having trouble with her car. I told her to drive it to my office the next day so I could have a look at it since I am so handy around cars. She did just that and it was a fun experience. However, I did spend hundreds of dollars at this place. It was expensive, but fun.

    There was one cute Korean woman that went on to become a porn star, forget her name. She told me she didnt go out with customers. I later saw her advertising on eros.com. Maybe I wasnt so charming or maybe my theories on the economy were just not that interesting.

    I concluded that "picking up" at the strip clubs is not that hard. You just have to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars to do it for a 100% loss.

    RICK is a horrible business enterprise when you look at the financials. However, traders love to trade it because it has a fancy name and its business model is about strippers. I cant imagine the type of executive management at this company. I believe this is forming a megaphone top. The next step will be a dump down past 5 and then it will begin a grand ramp past 10. Megaphones are difficult to diagnose so dont hold me to it.

    On a side note, some of the ladies will let you touch them in the back during a lapdance. You just have to use those sales skills and make sure to tip them right.

    Dr. Michael Roberts
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    What type of doctor are you-- A gynecologist?
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    What type of doctor are you-- A gynecologist?

  6. My GF works at the BodyShop on Sunset :)

    50% of strippers are prostitutes in disguise.. 25% wont go home with you for any amount of cash and the other 25% hate men with a seething passion.
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    By deduction that would make you a lesbian and her in the 25% "hate men with a seething passion."

    No offense but bragging about your stripper GF.

    Geez so everybody in LA has seen or tasted her coochie. Nice.
  8. Tastes just like chicken.
  9. It was intended to be funny.. your inability to see that and to hastily judge shows you have zero sense of humor.. carry on with your sad life.
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    Actually what I WROTE was funny....

    How do you spell plebeian or is that "plea bean."
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