Rick Santelli Strikes Again - Takedown of Steve Liesman

Discussion in 'Economics' started by belmondo, Sep 3, 2008.

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  2. That is great...thanks for posting. Probably the only time I'll watch CNBC this week.

    I met Rick outside the CBOT one time, he was a surprisingly nice guy. I hope he keeps doing what he does.
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    Liesman has steam coming out of his ears.

    Think Santelli is on his Xmas list?
  4. I think there is some sort of convexity trading going on there, to do with the convenience of owning debt in different forms. Maybe some of you hard core curve surfers can explain it better.
  5. Santelli may be little, but he has bigger balls than anyone else on that sorry excuse of a 'financial news' network (owned by General Electric).
  6. love that guy.
  7. The funny thing though: Liesman 's actually correct.

    Futures are pricing in tightenings, albeit at a snails pace. 50/50 on a quarter by March.
  8. Yeah, but that is too close to make a definitive call.
    Never been a fan of Liesman.....
    Santelli rocks as far as free market theory goes.
  9. Bottom line the markets thinking tighter policy. A full 50 is priced in over the next year.

    I share your perception though.

    Like a few others here I've had a few smokes with Rick over the years and he's a keenly sharp guy.
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    The market was pricing big chance of tightening for the Nov meeting, as it got closer to the meeting that changed. that seems to be santelli's point, the market is wrong, the veterans on the pit seem to know better
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