Rick Santelli just went off

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  1. Finally! He's just been bottling it up.

    Did a great job today explaining inflation concerns.
  2. anyone with the instant youtube?
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    Any videos? He's one of the few guys on CNBC I care about what he says because he's not full of hype, but objectivity and analysis.

    I've turned CNBC off during the days this year (new resolution!) and my trading has become better....so I missed it.
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    You just know everyone of these Senators shorted the overnight market and then grill these guys with questions which can only be answered sounding like negatives to the market. They hold these hearing whenever their cash reserves get low and they can make a quick killing....what a perfect set-up these guys have at their disposal.
  5. lol?? ummm ok
  6. You know, it just dawned on me why Bush picked Cheney as his VP for both terms. Two words- assassination insurance! Who the hell would want Cheney as prez??? They knew they were creating a shitstorm, what they didn't plan on was how fast it would start to crumble. Fucking Karl Rove probably strategized about handing off to the dems in time for the collapse, thus eliminating the party from the face of the planet forever.
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    Rick is one of the best on there, he has the best opinion out of all of them....I think he should take over the 7pm hour on cnbc, all kudlow talks about is a goldilocks economy when in reality, there is NO SUCH THING.
  8. nitro


    CNBC pays these people to get on TV and mostly blabber or talk their books. Many of them don't even trade, like Jack Berugian just handles customer paper.

    Rick doesn't trade either, but he has good knowledge of the markets, and he doesn't tell you what he thinks so much, as what the market is pricing in. That is invaluable if you are not on the floor. It is a free "squawk" and worth sitting there through CNBC's endless ads to hear what Rick has to say.

    He is hands down the best regular analyst on CNBC for the trader. Rick should go on his own and start a for pay squawk in the Eurodollar futures pit. I would pay. Or, CNBC should just have Rick on constantly over the internet and charge for it.

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    He doesn't trade now, but he got his chops working the floor for over 20 yrs.
  10. I'd watch a show hosted by rick. He can bring on various floor traders, etc from a variety of markets. There's no need to show fast money at 5 and 8pm...how bout showin' rick some love.
    4pm-4:30 or 5pm would be perfect.
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