Rick santelli is a fighter of the truth

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  1. A breath of fresh air. He's attacking guests left and right keeping them in line. Like the other day ned riley who's been bullish the last year is a liar. He's been pushing the same stocks all the way down and rick called him to the mat and destroyed him. Ned riley has been bullish without pause the last 15 years
  2. Fighter for the truth, but I agree 100%. I assume that Santelli must have recently signed a five-year contract. ;)
  3. i would be very surprised if anyone took his financial opinion/advice seriously. he is just a financial reporter.

  4. it's impossible to have sympathy for the bulls - they're always right - no matter how much it costs YOU (well, not the majority of YOU ET'ers, but there are so many sheeple buying into the "prosperity" and "goldilocks" propaganda that will have nothing left but an empty bag at the end of the day). it's about time that someone challenge them.

    The equity bulls continue to insist that sunny days are ahead and that the SP500 will close over 1600 this year. It's fine to be optomistic, but it's irresponsible and reckless to maintain an uber-bull attitude while mugging for the camera and not mentioning the fact that the near term correction may have another 20-30% downside. People haven't even begun to lose money yet...the SP500 is still up 65% from the 02-03 bottom.

    disclosure: I have long positions (investments) and I'm entirely comfortable with them...and I continue to add to them on the way down...but I'm also WELL PROTECTED with short term puts on ETFs which have paid off quite handsomely and allowed me to slowly unwind and choose my long term entry points very carefully (and pick up substantially more shares for my dollar than I would have if I were a stubborn uber-bull)

    Can someone please tell me how Abby Joseph Cohen keeps her job? (does it have something to do with the fact that financial firms NEED bagholders and they simply would not exist en masse without cheerleaders?)
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    With respects, I beg to differ. IIRC Santelli had a decent work history in the pits as a bond/currency trader before his CNBC tenure. And he's not a cheerleader or someone drinking the Kool-Aid....something that's more apparent than ever in recent weeks, particularly that ET'ers have begun to take note of his comments and analysis when he "rails" against CNBC guests.

    As someone who questions most of what/how CNBC does and presents, I feel that Santelli is one of the few -- perhaps the ONLY -- voice of sanity, reason, and dare I say calm/collected analysis on a network full of rah-rah cheerleading and 30-second soundbytes offered by "financial journalists". And I don't think he's being more aggressive because he wants ratings or a salary bonus -- I frankly think the guy's fed up with the tripe being presented by some of the network's guests these days in an economy with serious fundamental problems.

    Frankly Santelli is the only person on CNBC I can say I've learned *useful* things from over the years. To lump Santelli in with the same crowd as Dennis Neal, Larry Kudlow, Cramer, Ratigan or Bartiromo is nuts....if anything, Santelli should be considered (IMHO) the "Dean" of CNBC. :)
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    There is an entire segment that he does right from the CME SP pit after the close for the day and it only seems to air on CNBC Asia at around 6-7PM EST every night. His 5 minute wrap-up is hands down the only thing a trader's ear needs to hear.
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    Santelli should move to Bloomberg where one can at least hear both sides. CNBC must be getting some bonus from government or massive tax break if they keep these morons. It is unbelievable cnbc keeps bringing back obvious liars. Also public does not seem to comprehend the difference between "pitchers and catchers" and what it means to their net worth.
  8. "I totally agree, Santelli is the only CNBC employee who isn't a cheer leader for the bulls.
    I really enjoy his occassional confrontations with the cheer leaders."
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    "He joined CNBC from the Institutional Financial Futures and Options at Sanwa Futures, L.L.C. There, he was a vice president handling institutional trading and hedge accounts for a variety of futures related products.

    Prior to that, Santelli worked as vice president of Institutional Futures and Options at Rand Financial Services, Inc., served as managing director at the Derivative Products Group of Geldermann, Inc., and was Vice President in charge of Interest Rate Futures and Options at the Chicago Board of Trade for Drexel, Burnham, Lambert. Santelli began his career in 1979 as a trader and order filler at the Chicago Mercantile Exchange in a variety of markets including gold, lumber, CD's, T-bills, foreign currencies and livestock.

    He is a graduate of the University of Illinois Champaign/Urbana with a Bachelor of Science degree. Santelli has been a member of both the Chicago Mercantile Exchange and the Chicago Board of Trade."

    Just a financial reporter huh? He's the only one worth listening to on the entire network.
  10. You mean anyone attacking BULLS is a fighter of the truth?
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