Rick Santelli invited to the Whitehouse by President Obama!

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  1. ess1096


    Not splitting hairs here, but Obama did not invite Rick, Robert Gibbs did.
  2. They were out in force last night and today going after Santilli. They mentioned him quite a few times and took shots. I have to laugh when they say he should read it first before commenting, as if any of them actually read the whole thing before shoving it down our throats. What a farce, politics as usual.
  3. Stosh


    I'll bet his visit to the Whitehouse doesn't happen unless he takes one of those daily tours. Stosh
  4. skylr33


    Awwwwwwwwwwwwww!!! What's the matter? "Adolph" Obama and company can't take the heat for bailing out all the morons that received mortgages, who had no business getting one in the first place??? Hey, that sends a great message!!!! We can all become a nation of dead beats now, as the "socialist furor" will bail everyone out. What next, bailing out all daddies that are behind on their child support??????
  5. Baby Daddy givin Baby Momma MONEY?
    Where is THIS happening?
  6. dinoman


    Obama has no interest whatsoever in what Rick has to say! He will simply discard it into his Republican category of stupidity in his own mind. The some old BS message will come out of his mouth... We tried that old BS and now we are on a "NEW" path. Its called bankruptcy and may the revolution begin.

    Hold onto your seat folks, for this ride is going to take you to where you never could imagine!

  7. Yeah, Bush did not lie his press-secretary did.:confused:
  8. Obama administration is one that actually listens to its critics, something that GW Bush and Dick Cheney never did.

    Yes, even the audiences were not screened for political affiliations in Obama's town meetings.
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    Lays down the Bullshit card, excluding the Bush/Chemey comment.

    They basically said Santelli should shut up today, because he doesn't know what he is talking about. Sounds like listening to me. BS
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