Rick Perry stocks / Mitt Romney stocks

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  1. I know its a bit early too discuss this, but I wanted to get the ball rolling now and put up my thoughts on this wall...hehe the bathroom wall...on which stocks might benefit from either candidate.

    Here are my bathroom wall thoughts on the issue:

    - Rick Perry - Good for the oil industry. Leader of Texas for 12 years surely has extensive oil industry ties.

    - Mitt Romney - Good for the technology industry. CEO of Bain for 20 years probably has a lot of ties to the technology industry and Silicon Valley.
  2. The "vaccinator" Perry is already on Merck's payroll.
  3. Which do you guys think would be better for the Health Care Sector?
  4. rros



    BAC (based on c-span video)
    oil/gas service industry
  5. marceck


    Perry will never get elected.

    Anyone who prays for rain, while cutting the fire department budget ahead of massive wildfires, is a dangerous simpleton that should not be near the White house.
  6. Bush got elected twice. Perry will get elected 2012.
  7. Having lived in Texas during Perry's terms as Gov.; he is noted for rewarding his major campaign donors; eg-trying to order Guardisil vaccinations for all 12th grade girls. Merck, the maker of
    guardisil, was a major contributor and his chief of staff was Merck's chief lobbyist.

    Bob Perry (no relation), a major Texas homebuilder got major benefits from Perry. See: TRCC (Texas Residential Construction Commission) to see what a few million can do for you. It was so bad for victims of shoddy construction (supposedly the people it was intended to help) that the TX legislature abolished it several years after it started.

  8. Here is my formula:

    Perry = Bush2 - Father_President = Perry_Loses
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    Clinton got elected twice, Obama will get re-elected.

    Same logic.
  10. Obama is a weak president, more in terms of Carter than Clinton.

    Clinton has a pair, big difference.

    Americans want a strong leader.
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