Rick Perry should donate his campaign funds to Obama and drop out.

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Max E., Oct 25, 2011.

  1. Max E.

    Max E.

    Rick Perry should just get it over with,, drop out of the race and donate all his campaign funds to Obama, he would probably do less damage to conservatives if he was to do that. He is basically just flailing out like a rabid animal at this point, and he really doesn't care who he is damaging, or what kind of stupid shit he says.

    The guy is a walking gaff machine, All he is doing right now is helping the Left wing media make conservatives look like idiots, and burying Romney based on petty shit.

    He has no chance at winning, and he is about to blow all the money he has raised trying to trash the other people in the race. It would be far less damaging if the attack ads come from Obama, so i say that Rick Perry should just drop out right now and give his campaign money to Obama, so that we have a better chance of getting rid of Obama when Perry doesnt win the GOP nomination.
  2. Max E.

    Max E.

    For once Range Rover/AK47 posted a meaningful article, this is what im talking about. Perry is a vengeful SOB who doesnt seem to care if Obama wins so long as all of his opponents in the GOP lose. He cant possibly believe he is going to beat Obama when he is already an 11 point dog and he now wants to engage in the worst mud slinging fest of all time.

    The big difference is that when this mud slinging is coming from Obama as opposed to another conservative voters will just see it as typical politics. It is alot more destructive if the attack ads are coming from a conservative, as people will tend to think it holds more water. Thats why Perry should just give his money to Obama and be done with it. That way he can feel satisfied that he blew 15 million attacking Romney, and at the same time Romney will have a better chance beating Obama.

    Im sure He will see it as a great victory If Romney loses even if Obama wins, im happy that this jackass is getting booed at the republican debates, and i hope that conservatives continue to distance themselves from him, as he is toxic.

    From Politico:

    “My guess is they believe that if they can kill Romney, no one else can get the nomination but Perry,” Castellanos said. “I expect that a few Perry positives will soon hit the TV airwaves, but they will just be cover for a brutal assault on Romney from the Perry campaign and his super PAC.”

    He warned: “Perry won’t just go negative. He’ll make your television bleed and beg for mercy.”

    One Republican operative familiar with the work of Perry’s new team expressed concern that the coming campaign could be so negative as to “jeopardize the general election.”

    “They want to destroy Romney and they don’t care if there is no GOP elephant left,” the operative said. “Total destroy mission. And Perry’s bought into it.”

    Another Republican braced for a savage assault on Romney that could weaken the GOP for the fight against President Barack Obama: “If there’s no party left, there’s no party left, and that’s what Axelrod and Obama’s guys are hoping for.”

  3. I agree with Max. This could easily backfire on Perry however and make him toxic in any future tries for the nomination.

    Perry's problem is not Romney. Perry had the lead and blew it when people got a closeup view of him. Maybe Texans are comfortable with him, but his style does not travel very well. He comes across as very unlikeable, a dumb bully who seems increasingly to be the worst sort of phony.

    He should think hard about going nuclear, since Michelle Bachmann already delivered a near fatal blow to him over the vaccine issue. If he gets in a slugging match with Romney, he may find out he is the one with the glass jaw. This is the same guy after all who campaigned for Al Gore as a democrat. If he runs attack ads against Romney, he will be forced to defend them in debates, and we have already seen how pathetic he is at any sort of unscripted give and take.
  4. Max E.

    Max E.

    He doesnt have to "find out hes is the one with the glass jaw." It has already been well proven that he is the one with the Glass Jaw, and i honestly believe that when he was getting booed at the last republican debate when he got personal with Romney that it set him over the edge.

    It was priceless watching Romney destroy him and the crowd cheer for Romney and boo Perry. I hope that Bachmann, Cain, and Romney form a pact, and they just focus on destroying Perry from here on out, and they listen to what Newt said about not buying into the medias bs and destroying each other to the point where no one is electable.

    I fail to see how anyone advising Perry could honestly believe that he can win a mudslinging contest against Romney and then actually have a chance to defeat an incumbent president after he just got through wallowing in shit with Romney and he is already an 11 point dog against Obama. So basically the guy is on a suicide mission, and he doesnt care as long as he takes everyone else with him.

    I hope if he actually engages in this that he becomes a complete disgrace to the republican party afterwords, as he has now become Obama's best friend.

  5. its funny. all these republicans claim to be committed christians. so what is their first impulse? destroy the other guy by any dirty means possible. amen, thank you jesus.
  6. Max E.

    Max E.

    Almost reminds me of the democrats who preach tolerance and understanding then turn around and viciously attack people based on RELIGION, or race.
  7. the religious right are the ones proclaiming that if only everyone had jesus in their heart the would would be a better place. so what is their first instinct when one of them wants to win. kill their own. its funny. on top of that i dont think anyone would mind religion if they just followed their commandments.

    Matt.6.6, But when you pray, go into your room and shut the door and pray to your Father who is in secret. And your Father who sees in secret will reward you.
  8. Max E.

    Max E.

    The "politically religious" left are the ones proclaiming that if only everyone had liberalism in their heart the world would be a better more tolerant place. So what is the first instinct when one of them wants to win? Call their opponent a porch monkey, an uncle tom, a niggar, a racist, etc.

    It appears you are one of those who is so blinded by your own religion (liberalism) that you actually believe your shit doesnt stink. And yo believe that liberals dont do the exact same thing.

    Are you really going to bitch about the intolerance of religious people, when you spend your entire life trashing people based on religion?

    Its funny cause you are so blinded by ideology that you dont even realise that you accept everything liberals have to say word for word. In the last couple days i have made posts criticizing the vatican, criticizing Perry, Criticizing Romney, and other ones supporting Obama. While i consider myself a conservative or a libertarian, i couldnt care less which side the ideas are coming from, so long as they are ideas i support, or disagree with i will argue for or against them.

    Point me to a single post of yours over the last couple weeks that was critical of a mainstream liberal, or liberal idea.... You are the perfect definition of a liberal, you support everything they do no matter what, and it is funny cause you pretend to be this liberated "free thinker" who broke free of the shackles of organised religion but all you ever did was switch 1 religion for another, and you are the exact same fanatic you were before, except that now you choose to worship at the alter of liberalism/atheism, as opposed to the altar of Jesus.

    Every thread you start on this site is either against republicans, or against Religion, it is infact YOU who is the religious fanatic.
  9. Max E.

    Max E.

    Still laughing at the fact that you actually believe liberals somehow have the highground on this one.