Rick Perry -- Bankers' Newest Victim

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  1. After Rick Perry said Ben Benanke should be charged with treason, I have not seen a single positive thing about him said by U.S. media. Despite he has been leading Republican candidate, and he won most debates. Anything negative about him is put under microscope by U.S. media.

    This case just proves, bankers run U.S. news media; very hard to have a political life if you cross them no matter how much populous support you have; U.S. is an aristocracy dominated by international bankers.
  2. How exactly do the banks control the media? Explain to me how it works.

    Also, I have noticed people fear what they don't understand and usually end up hating what they fear.
  3. Do you have the wallstreet reference?

    If not this post should go in the p&r forum so I won't have to read it.
  4. maybe the bankers deleted it
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    Perry is a disastrous candidate, so I'm happy to see him flame out, whatever the cause.
  6. He has the moral character of Bill Clinton but with George Bush's class.
  7. OLDTIME:He has the moral character of Bill Clinton but with George Bush's class.

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  9. 1. LOL

    2. After seeing Perry's religious spectacle ala' Jimmy Swigert 6 weeks ago, I was disgusted. Waiting for him to start kissing babies.
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    Well, GE, who last year paid $0 income taxes due to loopholes, own NBC, and obviously MSNBC. GE was started and funded and perhaps still is a JP Morgan operation.

    This is the biggest problem most people do not realize: big government is NOT good for the middle/lower/upper middle class of people. Big government is good for the rich and the elite. Why? Because big government is merely a consolidation of power into the hands of the elite. Do you truly believe that regulations are used to "protect the little guy," lol. Regulations are used in order to protect the big corporations that are already successful from competition and smaller firms. That's the whole purpose and it started in the very late 19th century when the ICC was started to "protect the little guy from the railroads." What actually happened? The railroads took over the ICC and used the club of government power to fleece the little guy. With government spending, it's obviously the same. Do you believe that government contracts are given based on merit? LOL. Do you believe a small firm will get a government contract if it has the best product, lol. Government contracts are given to the elite who are friends with politicians. These ultra rich and poltical elite are friends with each other, they scratch each others backs, they go to the same parties, they have their kids in the same schools and live in the same areas.

    The lesson of history is chrystal clear. If you actually care about fairness, if you care about the little guy, if you care about progress and diversifying power, then pure lassiaz-faire capitalism is the path. There was no episode in human history where more of the average man made the most progress than the late 18th, 19th and very early part of the 20th century. This was a period where government was of absolutely trivial importance. During the time of Jefferson, the Federal government cost about $20 per person (in today's money, lol). The 19th century saw growth rates (estimated or derived from other data since specific growth data was not recorded) in average of 10+ % PER YEAR with ZERO inflation. The dollar of 1913 purchased MORE than the dollar of 1792, not only was there zero inflation, there was minor deflation.

    The more the USA moves towwards freedom/capitalism, the more fairer society will be and the more power will be dispursed.

    Sorry, i've gone on a rant that has something to do with the bankers, lol
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